Nonton Film Progresnya Berapa Persen? (2023) Subtitle Indonesia

Progresnya Berapa Persen? (2023)

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April (Michelle Ziudith) has been working at a construction consulting firm for a year. He loves an atmosphere that is hard to find in most work environments. But there’s always a price to pay: sudden deadlines, delegation of tasks without detailed instructions and dozens of tenders to follow in the near future. And what he hates the most are questions from his boss, Dewangga (Omar Daniel), who asks “How is it going?”. Endless bickering, endless misunderstandings arise along with their “fierce” but cute relationship between Boss and employees. Just when love is starting to flare up, April’s ex suddenly appears and the company owner’s beautiful daughter returns from abroad. “How’s the Progress?” it gradually stopped and April silently missed this question.

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Duration: 46 Min
Last Air Date:13 Mar 2023
Number Of Episode:8

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